• What is Ham Nation

    Ham Nation is a netcast on the twit network with Bob Heil (K9EID), Gordon West (WB6NOA), George Thomas (W5JDX), Don Wilbanks (AE5DW), Dale Puckett (K0HYD), Valerie Hotzfeld (NV9L), Amanda Alden (K1DDN) and various special guests. They will cover the excitement and importance aspects of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire in a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters.

    Ham Nation shows are recorded live every Wednesday at 6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET. at live.twit.tv

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  • Share your videos...

    Here is your opportunity to share your videos with hams and potential hams from around the world. We´re looking for videos of interest to amateur radio operators.

    Possible subject for your video may include a short "Show Me Your Shack" tour; concise coverage of a popular local or regional event; or a possible short tutorial that shows a new tip you´ve picked up recently. Fire up your camera and let´s see what you´ve been up to. But, before you shoot and submit your video please DO take time to read the guidelines below and stick closely to as many of them as possible.

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  • How to submit your video...5W's

    When you submit your video it is essential that you provide as much information as possible about yourself and your video. At a minimum, please answer as many of the following five questions "5W's" as possible. This allows us to give you and your video a proper introduction.

    This might be the person you are filming or it might be you. Please INCLUDE all callsigns!

    What is your video about? What is the person(s) in your video trying to accomplish?

    Describe the scene. Was it at a local hamfest, at your workbench or at a local park? Don´t forget to tell us the name of the City and State and/or country. If you are in a small town... tell us where you were shooting relative to a well-known city or landmark.

    What time of day were you shooting? The time might make the event unusual. In the case of an event, when was it held? Was it an annual event?

    And most important of all we have...

    What were you or your subject trying to accomplish? If it was an event, why did you and other hams attend?

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  • Dos

    Be no longer than 1:30 to 2:00 minutes.
    Our video segment is given a six-minute budget each week. Ideally, we like to show a minimum of two and preferably three videos each week. We cannot make them fit if the length of each individual video is much more than a minute and a half. Of course there are always exceptions and If your video is a demonstration like George, KD4MXA´s 6-meter Yagi build then we can usually use a video that is up to 2:30 to 3 minutes per segment.

    Be visually interesting to those watching it.
    Be merciless while you are editing. For example, no one needs to see the entire 30 seconds it takes to drill a hole in a boom. You can show three to five seconds of the drill bit starting to go into a boom and your audience will automatically project what happens next. You can jump right from the shot of the drill bit to a shot showing the next step.

    Be interesting to those just listening to the audio.
    Ham Nation is distributed in both audio and video podcast formats. Since the hams listening to an audio podcasts cannot see what is happening on camera, it is essential that your video be narrated. Your narration needs to describe what is happening on camera for the audio listener.

    Be of general interest to most hams.
    Don´t worry though; there are many subjects that are interesting to almost all hams. Subjects can range from... equipment reviews, to demonstrations of specific operational modes, to Field Day, to hamfests, and all kinds of special events.

    Be shot in LANDSCAPE orientation.
    TV screens and computer monitors are horizontally oriented.

    Have good audio.
    Use an external microphone. Try to avoid wind noise.

    Include audio of the event.
    For example, a young ham making that first contact.

    Be in focus!

    Be up to date footage

    Shot in a logical sequence

    Be shot on a tripod or using well practiced hand-held techniques.

    Good article on taking video with a DSLR:

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  • Don'ts

    Pan around for no reason.
    Rather use a sequence of short shots that focus your viewer on the action you are trying to show.

    Have more that five to 10 seconds of "Talking Heads".
    Rather, show the person doing your narration for a few seconds to introduce them but then shoot a lot of "B-Roll" footage of the activity the narrator is describing and let your audience see it.

    Obtrusive titles that cover the video.
    Rather, use the "lower-third" function in your editor to place any textual information along the bottom of the screen. And, DO double check the spelling.

    Copyrighted material without consent... especially music.
    If you are using music under your narration make sure you obtain it from a public domain source and follow their accreditation rules.

    Just say no to:Vertical Video Syndrome

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  • Technical requirements

    Shoot your video in 720p format (1280 x 720) if possible. You can also shoot in full 1080p (1920 x 1080). In either case use a 30 frames per second frame rate. Videos submitted via Dropbox should be 720p using the H.264 format. Both MP4 and MOV files with the H.264 encoding may be submitted.



  • Delivery and Deadline

    If your video is time critical and you are hoping to get it on the show immediately following the event, please coordinate your intentions in advance by sending an email to HamNationVideos@TWIT.TV. In many cases, we have scheduled videos several weeks to a month in the future so it is essential to know that we have a Breaking News video on the way. That said, if we receive a hot news story by 0300 UTC Monday we can most likely get it on the air for you that Wednesday.

    Upload your video to YouTube (http://www.youtube.com) in the private mode and send us a link. If we accept it for airing the technicians at the TWIT.TV studio will be able to pull it down directly from YouTube. You may also use a shared link on your personal Dropbox. In any case, you must leave the video in place until after the broadcast. In fact, on this site, WWW.HamNationVideos.Info we hope to provide links to all videos we have aired as well as videos we were unable to air so that the amateur radio community can watch them at any time they need them.

  • Easy to use editing software


    Article on Windows Live Movie Maker DVD Maker

    Download Windows Live Movie Maker DVD Maker


    Article on IMovie

    Current version IMovie

  • Club website of the week

    For the complete list of websites of the week click link above.

  • Dale's Blog

  • Tech info files

    Making First QSO By: Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L

    Personal and Family Preparedness, Equipment Recommendations

    Practical Radio Application Final

    Comm w Other Hams-Tech Band chart back

    BBC: The very particular world of amateur radio

    Discovering Amateur Radio — Condensed Version

    Discovering Amateur Radio — Full Version

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